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JDC Adhesive Supplier and Partner

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Through our long-standing partnerships with JDC, we will be able to build the product you need for your specific application, at a price and minimum quantity that meets your needs. JDC uses state-of-the-art coating equipment with modern air-emission controls and can offer a wide range of adhesive solutions. High-performance acrylics, low-temperature rubber base, and emulsion adhesives for use on low-energy surfaces are just a few added solutions and materials Can-Do Tape’s partnership can offer.


Our Partner and Supplier of the following Tapes and Solutions:

  • Automotive Low VOC acylic adhesive system
  • Double-coated acrylic PSA tape
  • Double-coated rubber PSA tape
  • Double-coated emulsion-acrylic PSA tape
  • Double-coated acrylic/rubber PSA tape
  • Ultra-removable adhesives
  • Outdoor graphics adhesive systems
  • High quality graphic overlaminating adhesive systems
  • Rubber adhesive free-film tape
  • Acrylic adhesive free-film tape
  • Custom double-liner tapes
  • Ultra-clean, low outgassing adhesives
  • Low extractable release liners

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