Carton Sealing Tapes

Carton sealing tapes are a packing tape used in a variety of environments and require characteristics to suit the application. The film carrier may be polypropylene, PVC; or it may be paper. Carton sealing packing tapes may have an acrylic, hot melt rubber, or natural rubber adhesive system; and the typical film backing may be clear, tan, or any number of colors, in the case of PVC.

Carton sealing tapes are typically 55 yard or 110 yard rolls. Machine length rolls can range from 1000-2000 yards in length. Also, the width may be 2 or 3 inch. All of these sizes are available in metric form that is roughly equivalent.

Finally, these packing tapes are offered in many different thicknesses. Economy tapes may be less than 1.5 mils thick while heavy duty carton sealing tapes are over 3 mils thick.

Can-Do stocks many colors, thicknesses, widths, and lengths. Please request a quote for the product that suits your application need. Read more information on carton sealing tapes.

Printed Tapes

Let Can-Do personalize your packing tape system with printed tapes that include your company name and/or logo. Send a message to your customers when you use printed tape.

You may select a wide variety of backings (from polypropylene, PVC and kraft paper to cloth or polyester), and you may select a wide variety of adhesives such as acrylic, hot melt rubber, or natural rubber.

We will help you create your own custom product. Provide Can-Do with your specifications, and let us provide you with your desired custom printed tape.

Gummed Tapes

Gummed tapes have water activated adhesive systems and may be reinforced for added strength.
These tapes are typically 3″ wide and are available in 375, 450 or 600 foot rolls.

Label Protection Tapes

Label protection tapes are used to cover and protect labels. The tape is clear (center roll in picture) and will not yellow, dry, or crack. It cuts and handles well on our label protection dispenser. It is recommended for covering and holding packing lists and mailing labels that may be subject to rough handling.

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