Three Effective Ways to Waterproof Seams

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Seam tapes to waterproof seams

Waterproof Seam Sealing Tape raises the bar in waterproof protection. Whether you’re creating outerwear, tents, or other products that need a watertight finish, waterproofing your seams with seam sealing tape will cover needle holes and keep moisture out. Heat seal tapes (aka: hot melt adhesive tapes) used for seams have the flexibility to work with… Read more »

The Future of Thermoplastic and Automotive Tapes

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The Future-of-Thermoplastic-and-Automotive

GOAL →→ SPEED & EFFICIENCY The automotive industry is busy constructing cars with more thermoplastic materials every year to reduce their overall weight to make them more efficient. As fuel-efficiency and emissions targets become increasingly strict across the world, the automotive industry must continue to innovate and redesign to create better aerodynamics, less rolling resistance, alternative drivetrain… Read more »