Finding the Right Adhesive Tape for your Substrate

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Infographic bonding substrates together with 3M

Topic: The Correct PSA Tape for your Substrate The Substrate and PSA Tape Environmental Conditions Surface Energy Since adhesives simply join two surface areas, unlike other bonding methods that alter the surface (i.e. welding, solvent activation, fasteners), there are a number of surface conditions that need to be considered for the adhesive to be effective…. Read more »

VHB, UHB or AFT? What you must know!

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3M VHB Tapes

Looking for UHB or VHB or AFT…or any Permanent Bonding Tape? If you’re looking for a permanent bonding tape, you have several options to choose from. This post will inform you of your options when you want the extra assurance of a bond with no movement, and where   your application must  stand up to the most extreme temperature… Read more »

Is Tape Holding My Car Together?

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Tape for Automotive Industry

“Can tape really replace mechanical fasteners in cars?” The answer is, “Yes”. High bonding tapes are a proven alternative to screws and rivets, which join materials at a single point. High bonding tapes spreading the stress load across the entire length of the joint. Their extraordinary strength, comfortability, versatility & UV- and weather – resistance are what makes them so great… Read more »

Good-bye Rivets and Screws – Hello VHB!

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3M 4957 VHB Foam Tape

Benefits of Replacing Your Rivets and Screws with 3M VHB Tape In the 1980’s, 3M™ VHB™ Tape opened the door for engineering and product designers to use a tape for an unlimited amount of possibilities. This is a product you can count on. It’s lab-tested and proven. Screws and/or rivets join materials at a single point, where as our… Read more »