Seam tapes to waterproof seamsWaterproof Seam Sealing Tape raises the bar in waterproof protection. Whether you’re creating outerwear, tents, or other products that need a watertight finish, waterproofing your seams with seam sealing tape will cover needle holes and keep moisture out.

Heat seal tapes (aka: hot melt adhesive tapes) used for seams have the flexibility to work with the most delicate of fabrics and under heavy-duty conditions. These tapes consist of multilayered adhesive films that are applied to sewn seams with a hot air taping machine. The combination of the adhesive and heat bond create a watertight seal.

Bemis Seam Tape ImageWhich waterproof seam sealing tape is right for you?

  • Ultra Seam Tape allows you to tape seams of delicate fabrics and lightweight waterproof shells.
  • Lightweight Seam Tape is for your rain gear basics. Design your shoes, clothes, and equipment with freedom.
  • Activity Seam Tape will hold up to the weight of thicker fabrics and conditions. This seam tape is for the heavier duty users and will provide a reliable, durable, and flexible seal.

We work with Bemis to provide you with seam sealing tapes that are effective for your design and product.

Waterproof seam sealing tapes can be found in outerwear, industrial work wear, tents, waders, footwear and military garments. With Bemis’ wide range of seam tapes and our expertise and equipment, we can provide the ideal solution for any fabric or material. And since we think tape can be functional and fun, we can even print your company logo or a unique design on the tape!
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