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Bemis Tapes

Can-Do is the North American distributor and convertor of Bemis Associates Heat Seal Thermoplastic Film tapes. Heat Seal adhesives consist of a heat activated thermoplastic film formulated from Polyurethane, Nylon, Polyester, Polyolefin or Vinyl and adheres to virtually any substrate. Heat seal thermoplastic film tapes offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to laminating, molding, and welding. Can-Do National Tape stocks a variety of Bemis Heat seal films and has the capability to convert or laminate to your specifications. Contact us to learn more on how Can-Do National Tape can assist you in finding the best product for your application.

Seam Tape

seam tapesHeat Seal Seam tapes are multilayered adhesive films and are applied to the sewn seams to prevent water from leaking through those seams. Seam tape is applied by using a hot air taping machine and is used in various applications including outwear, industrial work wear, tents, waders, footwear and military garments. These products can also be custom printed with a company logo or unique design.

Sew Free

sew free tapesSew Free is a revolutionary adhesive film for apparel construction and is a key element in bonded garment technology. Bulky stitches can be eliminated and the form, fit and function of traditional cut and sew garments can be enhanced with these soft elastic, polyurethane adhesive films.

pucker free seam tapes

Pucker Free Tape

The pucker free tape is used to achieve a smooth pucker free seam and reduces the shrinkage caused by laundering. The pucker free tapes enhance the appearance of your garment and eliminate the adhesive bleed through from traditional web adhesives. Pucker Free Tapes are chemical resistant, machine washable easy to use and come in a variety of widths.

Technical Data Sheets

Pucker Free Tape6343 - Pucker Free Tape

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