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Converting Adhesive Tape is the process of transforming a flexible material, adhesive or non-adhesive, into another form in order to solve a specific problem. The result of suitable materials, design, engineering, and manufacturing competence is a die cut shape or specific size roll suited to the customer’s application, whose purpose is to save time and money through more efficient operations, as well as help businesses compete by improving their products.

A well-equipped tape converter offers a variety of tape converting services for both pressure- and heat-sensitive adhesive and non-adhesive materials. Savvy converters utilize modern technology in their processes to service an increasing number of applications and markets. A considerate tape converter will provide a much better value to their clients by purchasing adhesive material in bulk and converting the materials into a custom-engineered part or product. Quality products are the combination of attention to detail, the skillful use of technology, and the practice of thoughtful customer service.

Converted tape products are used in multiple industries worldwide. Custom engineered and designed tape components are used in markets such as: automotiveaerospace,  healthcareindustrialconstructionelectronicspackaging, and textile and fashion. In the course of a typical day, a person will come into contact, in multiple instances, with an item employing a converted tape product.

Converting flexible material requires specialized machinery and equipment to convert jumbo rolls of tape or other materials into specific size rolls, die-cut shapes or other component parts. Can-Do possesses a variety of equipment designed to perform specific functions in the conversion of pressure-sensitive adhesive and non-adhesive tape products. Specifically, our tool set includes tape-slitters, slitter/rewinders, rotary die presses, steel rule die presses, laminators, sheeters, and printing presses. All of these machines provide extensive converting capabilities.

Following are illustrations of the tape converting process:

  • Jumbo rolls of tape, 60 inches wide by 1,000 yards in length, may be converted into individual, two-inch x 60-yard rolls of tape.
  • Aluminum foil can be laminated with a specialty adhesive then slit to a certain width and transformed into rolls of aluminum foil tape. The aluminum foil material may also be die-cut into shapes to be used as a foil shield.
  • Various materials may be sliced into rolls and then cut to individual strips of material, in specified lengths.
  • Printing on carton sealing tape is conversion: bulk rolls of polypropylene tapes can be printed with a custom design or logo and then converted (slit and rewound) into standard (or custom) length and width rolls.
  • Foam may be laminated with an adhesive and then converted to custom sizes (rolls or sheets) to be used in a variety of applications.

Can-Do National Tape has been converting pressure- and heat-sensitive adhesive and non-adhesive tape products for over 10 years. We have the capacity to prototype parts based on technical drawings and material specifications. Connections and resources in the tape manufacturing industry allow us to source the best and most economical raw materials for the application. Our knowledgeable sales representatives and a responsive production workforce ensure customer satisfaction.

Can-Do National Tape is ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.


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