Sound Absorbing and heat insulation material.

General Information: Sound dampening materials are used to reduce air borne and solid-borne noise by absorbing, blocking, dampening and isolating sound. Depending on the application, there are several materials and composites used to achieve sound dampening. These include, but are not limited to:

  • open cell foams (with and without face laminates)
  • closed cell foams
  • non-woven fiber materials
  • plastic composites
  • light metal

Applications: There are many ways to achieve an effective sound dampening solution. Because they are typically fabricated to meet specific requirements, sound dampening products are typically a custom-made item.  Products can be combined, fabricated to fit specific areas, laminated, and made to be self-adhering with pressure sensitive adhesives. Industries requiring these types of materials are automotive, marine, appliance, electronic, aerospace, and architectural.

Can-Do National Tape die-cuts many varieties of sound dampening foam. The foam pictured below is polyethylene foam that has been cut by a water jet. Parts are punched out and inserted during the manufacture of appliances. The parts are used for both water proofing and sound dampening. They are “put up” on a roll for easy accessibility during the manufacturing process.

Tell us about your application and let Can-Do National Tape help you find a solution to your sound dampening needs.