Filament Tapes

Filament tapes are constructed of polypropylene film that is glass-reinforced and that has an aggressive natural rubber based adhesive system. These tapes have high tensile strength that can be enhanced with additional glass fibers. Consequently, there are low, medium, and high-grade products. These tapes are used in packing and for bundling.

Polypropylene Strapping Tapes

Polypropylene strapping tapes have strong tensilized polypropylene backing with a rubber based adhesive system. They are used to palletize cartons; and when properly applied, the tape shrinks around the cartons and holds them tightly. It allows for load shifting without snapping; and in fact, strapping tapes were a predecessor to stretch film which is now so prevalent in wrapping pallets.

Stretch Film

Stretch film is a clear film with no adhesive, and it is used to wrap cartons on pallets and to hold items together tightly. The film is resin based, so the cost fluctuates with the price of oil. It may be only 3″ wide and applied using a hand held device, or it may be up to 20″ wide and applied by machine. The film may be cast or blown, and the thickness may vary from 40 gauge to 120 gauge. The products and shapes being wrapped determine the desired film and its thickness.

Banding Materials

Banding materials, including metal, heavy-duty polypropylene material, or film, are used for packing and bundling. The material may be held firm and applied using a variety of devices. Machines are available with a range of tension controls to secure material using these banding material products.

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