Kraft Paper Tapes

Kraft Protective Paper Tapes are generally used in masking applications, such as screen-printing and printed graphics.

Kraft paper tapes have a natural rubber based adhesive system that makes an excellent bond to most packing products and surfaces. Its tough backing remains strong under moist conditions, and outdoor weathering is good. It is an approved packing tape by the U.S. Postal Service and UPS. Its typical applications include carton sealing, packing, splicing, freezer tape, and straight-line masking. It is also used in silk screening and picture framing.

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Our Kraft Paper Tape is a moisture resistant flatback tape with an aggressive natural rubber/resin pressure-sensitive adhesive is designed to offer a positive, attractive seal and excellent adhesion to minimize carton sealing failures and prevent pilferage. It has excellent balance of machine and cross-direction tensile and tear strength. Our Kraft Paper Tape is designed to remain strong under moist conditions and performs excellent for many spicing needs. Good resistance to outdoor weathering. Products are approved as packing tape by both U.S. Postal Service and U.P.S. (United Parcel Service).

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