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Bemis’ Heat Activated Tape is everything bonding, and so much more. They’re built on collaboration and respect. Guided by integrity and vision and caring. And dedicated to the never-ending horizons of the imagination. They act in a way that upholds a commitment to their values – whether it’s the quality of their waterproof adhesive products, or the importance of their employees and company culture. Furthermore, they only work with partners that align with these beliefs and fit with their long-term goals. That is why Can-Do Tape is a proud supporter and partner of Bemis Tape.

Bemis’ heat activated tapes provide solutions and capabilities that needle and thread simply can’t match. Sewfree® products and Waterproof Seam Tape allows Can-Do Tape to imagine, design and create in ways you wouldn’t think possible.

Bonding is Better with Bemis Tape

  • Sewfree bonding is changing the face of manufacturing across a broad spectrum of industries, transforming what we make and how we make it. It’s improving factory efficiencies while letting designers and developers rethink how they approach their work. Create lighter, sleeker, more durable, and a lot more attractive products. It’s a complete ecosystem of high-performance products, process, machinery and services that’s revolutionizing the design and construction of garments and soft goods. Sewfree bonding replaces the old cut and sew method.
  • Waterproof Seam Tape is a critical link in waterproof protection. When you need to keep a sewn garment or product watertight, we can help with the process by covering up those needle holes. We have a range of products and machines that will provide the ideal solution to keep who or what dry. We can maintain the airiest of aspirations for your designs on the most delicate fabrics to the lightest waterproof shells.

From process to production, Can-Do Tape, along with Bemis Tape, can help you go beyond the limits of cut and sew.

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It’s a designer, engineer and manufacturer’s dream come true.

We will help you bridge the gap from inspiration to execution with custom product development and fabrication. Join us while we create amazing solutions with this new generation of heat bonding.


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