Flatbed Die Cutting


Flatbed Die-Cutting is the process of cutting or perforating the desired shape out of material using a hydraulic flatbed press.

Generally, flatbed die-cutting is good for:

  • Low volume projects of consistent cut
  • Larger sized products
  • Cutting products from sheeted materials
  • High precision cutting of materials over 1/8” thick
  • Projects where tooling costs must be kept to a minimum
  • Multiple process projects; rotary die cutting can be combined with coating, embossing, creasing, laminating and other processes


Presses Used in Flatbed Die-Cutting

Flatbed die presses allow for very high precision cuts on materials over 1/8” thick.  Unlike rounded cuts produced by the rotary die cut machine, flatbed cuts are perpendicular to the die bed. Cuts are sharper and crisper.  Flatbed Die-Cut presses can accommodate much larger materials.  Steel rule dies are easier to change out and therefore more efficient when cutting multiple shapes.

Materials Used in Flatbed Die-Cutting

A variety of materials can be processed by Can-Do National Tape’s flatbed die-cutting services for a wide variety of applications. Materials include felt, fabrics, fiber, paper, metals and alloys, plastics, rubber, foams, composites, electrical insulating materials, EMI/RFI shielded foils, and laminates. Examples of products manufactured by Can-Do National Tape’s die cutting processes are automotive heat shields and sound dampening foam parts for the appliance industry.


Typical services offered by Can-Do National Tape include CAD/CAM support, design assistance, short run production, high volume production, and quality control. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can assist with concepts, manufacturing costs, manufacturing techniques and material considerations.


Can-Do National Tape is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. We are a master converter specializing in providing high quality, flatbed die-cutting services of adhesive-backed materials.

Can-Do National Tape offers flatbed die cutting services to convert various materials into predefined shapes and sizes using the die-cutting process.  The appropriate die-cutting method depends on such factors as the material being converted, the number of pieces needed, and the required tolerances.



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