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Reduce Weight and Stitching

Sewfree tape and heat seal bonding is revolutionizing manufacturing across a broad spectrum of industries, transforming what we make and how we make it. It’s improving factory efficiencies while letting designers and developers rethink how they approach their work. It’s a complete ecosystem of high-performance products, processes, machinery and services that is replacing the old cut and sew method.

Sewfree Tapes is the next generation of bonding. From process to production, Can-Do National Tape and sew free tape can help you go beyond the limits of cut and sew.

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LIGHTWEIGHT:  Sewfree bonds are up to 6% lighter than traditional machine sewn seams. They can reduce overall seam weight up to 30%. Sewfree will absorb 50- 60% less of its original weight when wet.

DURABLE:  Rigorous lab and field testing have been done and has proven Sewfree bonds are as strong or stronger than machine sewn seams. When tested, the fabric gives before Sewfree does.

STRETCHABLE:  Sewfree bonds are up to 40% less restrictive than sewn seams and offer excellent stretch and recovery. Therefore, Sewfree provides more freedom of movement and design.

WATERPROOF:  Hydrostatic testing shows Sewfree improves water resistance because there are no stitch holes for water to seep into. It keeps your customers drier and happier.

BREATHABLE:  Breathability is maintained when bonding fabric with Flowfree™.





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