Fastening & Bonding

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Fastening hook and loop tape

Hook and Loop

Hook and loop is a woven nylon that forms a secure closure. The fastener provided by hook and loop is self-gripping. The material may be cut to custom width in roll form, die-cut to specific shapes and sizes; and adhesive may be laminated to the backside of the nylon. Applications are wide ranging, from automotive to industrial and retail.

Can-Do provides secure fastening solutions with easy access and enhanced gripping for a wide range of applications. We offer superior aesthetics, weight reduction and time savings during installation.

When products require repeated openings and closings, Can-Do provides choices in closure strength and access frequency.

Can-Do Dual Lock re-closable fasteners provide five times the closure strength of hook and look closures, yet easily peels apart. Our Dual Lock Recloseable Fasteners can leverage the strong bonds of Acrylic Foam Tape combined with a proprietary snap-locking system to deliver a recloseable fastener that locks into place and provides holding power 5 times stronger than conventional hook and loop. In addition, our Dual Lock Recloseable Fasteners are sustainable within demanding conditions.

Day after day, our Dual Lock Recloseable Fasteners stay where you put them, release when you want them, and maintain your designs the way you intended.

Bonding & Joining Applications

Today, many designers and engineers are using adhesive tape materials in place of rivets, screws, and welding during assembly. Companies are saving time and lowering costs in their product designs while joining materials together. Our bonding and joining applications give design and manufacturing engineers options for meeting a vast array of assembly and bonding challenges, allowing them to develop products, which are aesthetically superior and highly dependable.

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