Can-Do is the reliable and experienced source for adhesive tape product prototypes. Our investment in the most techonolically advanced equipment has enabled us to create highly customized adhesive tape product prototypes. Our prototyping capabilities include flash cutting and laser cutting for rapid prototyping needs.

Rapid Prototyping ServicesRapid Prototyping ServicesRapid Prototyping Services

Our Bodor laser cutting system provides us with the ability to quickly produce die cut prototypes with the highest level of precision from materials such as foams, pressure sensitive adhesives, MDF, die board and metal.

Our laser cut rapid prototyping service advantages include:

  • No tool cutting, eliminating production delays and tooling costs
  • Ability to develop prototypes from difficult-to-cut materials without damage or warping
  • A stable and constant light path for the highest level of precision in cutting and engraving
  • Can complete set up from imported digital images in a matter of minutes
  • Prototypes cut to the most demanding level of accuracy
  • Unbeatably fast turnaround

Can-Do has an extensive line of products, which ensure that we will have the right material for your application. If you have a project that requires a special material, a challenging die cut, or simply need fastest possible turnaround for a prototype, contact the experts at Can-Do National Tape to see how our rapid prototyping can meet your needs.

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