Copper Foil Tapes

Copper foil tapes are recommended for electro-static shielding, cable wrapping, and stained glass work. They may or may not be conductive, and their adhesive may also be conductive. Copper foil tape is chemically resistant and may or may not have a liner.

Copper foil tapes are available in standard and custom slit widths as a self wound product or on a liner. The tape is available with an acrylic adhesive which can be conductive or non-conductive. Copper foil tapes are very conformable and ideally suited for critical shielding and masking applications. The tapes have a multitude of uses in electronic design and production.

Copper Foil Tapes are ideally suited for;

  • EMI / RFI Shielding
  • HVOF Masking
  • Telecommunications
  • Static Charge Draining
  • Cable Wrapping
  • Solderable Trim for Decorative Glass

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