Surface Protection

Protective Paper Tapes

Protective paper tapes have medium tack latex adhesive systems to achieve more difficult transfer of die cut or pre-spaced graphics. These tapes are typically recommended for medium size graphics and as a pre-mask for printed vinyl graphics, and they may be used as a mask for textile screen printers or as an all purpose transfer and pre-space tape.

Can-Do Tape provides enhanced brand image, better packaging performance, lower manufacturing costs, improved quality control, product safety and bring more appealing products to market.

The following applications are just a few solutions we can provide:

  • Protection of Painted Plastic Surfaces
  • Protecting Corners of Appliances
  • Protecting Vehicle Gas Tanks
  • Protecting Metal Finishes and Surfaces
  • Protect from Paint Overspray
  • Protection of Plastic Surfaces
  • Inside Out Masking
  • Paper and Film Tracking
  • Protecting Sinks, Toilets, Spas and Hot Tubs
  • Reducing Wear on Mechanical Equipment
  • Double Stick Offset Masking
  • Feathered Edge Masking
  • Masking Before Powder Coating
  • Spiral Twist Masking
  • Fine Line Masking
  • Fine Paint Line Over Tape Masking
  • Shielding Cables Against Heat
  • Holding Rivets in Place

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