Kapton® Polyimide Film Tapes

Kapton® Polyimide Film Tapes are used extensively in printed circuit board production. Polyimide tapes are transparent, and that allows observation of the circuit boards during their processing. Polyimide film tapes are high temperature resistant, and their adhesive system leaves minimal residue when removed after the manufacturing process.

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General Information: Polyimide tapes, such as Kapton tapes, consists of a polyimide film and adhesive system that make it the ultimate in high temperature tapes. Polyimide tape has the ability to maintain its excellent physical, mechanical, and electrical properties over a wide temperature range and performs as well as any product at high temperatures. Polyimide tapes have excellent dielectric strength and remove cleanly leaving no residue.

Applications: Because of these properties, Polyimide tape such as Kapton tape, is used in various applications in electronic, automotive and general manufacturing industries. Polyimide tapes can either be amber or clear in color, and the film thickness ranges between 1 and 5 mils while the adhesive may range from 1 to 2 mils thick. It may be double sided, and the adhesive may be silicone or acrylic based. Anti-static polyimide tape is used in circuit board construction and can be used in electrical applications where static is an issue.

Some of Polyimide tape’s primary uses are in electrical applications such as coil insulation, capacitor and transformer wrapping or insulation, magnetic wire insulation, and in gold leaf masking during wave soldering. It is also used as a very high temperature mask during powder coating applications.

Polyimide tape is also used in the auto industry for wrapping switches, diaphragms, sensors and coils in seat heaters. The aerospace industry uses Polyimide tape primarily for insulation of aircraft and spacecraft wings. Kapton tape’s unique ability to maintain its physical, mechanical and electrical properties and its wide temperature range makes it appealing to a wide range of industries applications. Finally, Polyimide tape can be laminated, metallized and punch formed; and these capabilities make it a candidate for converting to custom shapes and sizes.

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