Can-Do National Tape is a recognized leader in the distribution and converting of all pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes as well as foams, fabrics, non woven materials and other related products. Can-Do’s resources are worldwide with access to material suppliers both domestically and internationally. Along with our distribution, Can-Do has complete converting and fabrication services including precision slitting, cold roll and heat laminating, printing, rotary and flatbed die cutting.

Double Sided Products

  • Polyester Carrier
  • Paper Carrier
  • Tissue Carrier
  • Vinyl Carrier
  • Cloth Tape
  • Polyethylene Foam Tape
  • Adhesive Transfer
  • 3M™ VHB Products

Paper Tapes

  • General Purpose Masking
  • Colored Masking
  • High Temperature
  • Corrugators Tape

Vinyl Tapes

  • Electrical Tape
  • Pipe Wrap Tapes
  • Hazard Warning OSHA
  • Electroplating Tape
  • Colored Vinyl Tapes

Specialty Film Tapes

  • Polyimide Tape
  • Powder Coating
  • Polyester Tapes
  • Metalized Polyester
  • Anti-Static Film Tapes
  • Polyethylene Film Tape

Cloth Tapes

  • Duct Tape (All colors)
  • Gaffers Tape
  • Cotton Cloth Tape
  • Friction Tape

Foil Tapes

  • Aluminum Foil
  • Copper Foil
  • Lead Foil
  • Stainless Steel

Teflon® & PTFE Tapes

  • Thread Seal Tapes
  • Teflon® Coated Fiberglass
  • Skived Teflon Products

Foam Tapes

  • Double Sided Polyethylene Foam Tape
  • Neoprene Sponge Tapes
  • PVC Foam Tape
  • Single Coated Foam Products
  • Polyurethane Foam Tape

Packing & Labeling Tapes

  • Polypropylene Carton Sealing Tapes
  • Heavy Duty Carton Sealing Tapes
  • PVC Carton Sealing Tapes
  • Over Laminate Tapes

Strapping & Bundling

  • Glass Reinforced Filament Tape
  • Stretch/Hand Wrap
  • Polypropylene Strapping Tapes

Other Materials & Tapes

  • Bemis – Heat Seal Films
  • Hook & Loop Products
  • Various Tape Dispensers
  • UHMW Film
  • Non-Skid Slip Vinyl
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