Hazard Stripe Tape

Hazard stripe tapes are used for marking floors, handrails, steps, hazardous areas, and for color-coding, bundling, and identification. These PVC tapes may have a glossy overlaminate for appearance and protective purposes. They are abrasion resistant and resistant

Barricade and Detectable Tapes

Detectable tapes are used for marking and are available for a wide variety of applications while barricade tapes are used to cordon off specific areas. Barricade tapes may convey a “Caution” message or other messages such as “Police Line: Do Not Cross.” The detectable tapes are designed for underground use to allow for recognition of water lines, gas lines, or electrical power lines. They meet or exceed American Public Works Association standards and are permanently printed for long life in extreme environmental conditions.

Phosphorescent Tapes

Phosphorescent tapes are composed of PVC copolymer films that are highly resistant to abrasion. They are also resistant to water, oil, grease, acids, and mild alkalines. The tapes are used for safety applications, for triggering electric eyes, and as location guides in low lumen environments. They are dependent on artificial light sources.

Non-Skid Tapes

Non-skid tapes range from embossed vinyl to sandpaper type surfaced materials. These materials provide safety and sure footing on steps and stairways that are heavily trafficked, such as slick concrete floors and tiled areas. These products generally come in roll form, from 1″ to 6″ widths, and in 60-foot rolls; but the material may be die-cut or cut into strips.

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