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Across the board, the vehicle manufacturing industry has become increasingly focused on light weighting. This is a design approach that focuses on reducing the overall weight of vehicles by reducing the weight of component materials and assemblies. Objectives center on reducing overall vehicle weight to promote greater fuel economy. According to, “a 10% reduction in vehicle weight can result in a 6%-8% fuel economy improvement.”

Recreational Vehicle

The RV market is a segment of the vehicle market that will be concentrating lightweighting in manufacturing. According to the RV Industry Association, the recreational vehicle market is currently growing. The organization’s recent owner demographic study found that 9.6 million households intend to buy an RV within the next 5 years. Since the popularity of RVs coincides with record-high gas prices and increasing concern for environmental impact, RV manufacturers will be looking at ways to improve fuel economy in their designs. Light weighting is an ideal approach.

Adhesive Tapes Promote Light Weighting Manufacturing Goals

Adhesive tapes offer a lightweight alternative to bulky mechanical fasteners with additional advantages for RV production and assembly. These include:

  • Improved appearance with graphics
  • Ability to flex with thermal expansion and contraction
  • Effective sound damping
  • Ease of application
  • Low surface energy (LSE) bonding

Free Guide – RV Manufacturing Issues Improved with Adhesive Tapes and Materials

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