Heat Seal Tapes

The Future of Heat Activated Tapes

Can-Do National Tape stocks a variety of Bemis heat seal film tapes and has the capability to convert or laminate to your specifications.

Bemis Heat Seal Thermoplastic Film Tapes

Can-Do is the only North American distributor and converter of Bemis Associates’ heat seal thermoplastic film tapes. Heat seal adhesives consist of a heat-activated, thermoplastic film formulated from polyurethane, nylon, polyester, polyolefin, or vinyl and adhere to virtually any substrate.

Heat Seal Thermoplastic Tape Applications

Heat seal thermoplastic film tapes offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to laminating, molding, welding, and more. Heat seal thermoplastic tapes are used to seal fabrics together and provide a substitute for stitching. Thermoplastic seam tapes provide a water-proof barrier when applied over stitching.

  • White, Black, or Translucent Thermoplastic Seam Tapes
  • Sewfree® Tape
  • Clear Ester Polyurethane Sewfree® Tape
  • Clear Thermoplastic Polyurethane Sewfree® Tape
  • Clear Sewfree® Tape
  • Cloudy or Hazy Sewfree® Tape

Contact us to learn more on how Can-Do National Tape can assist you in finding the best product for your application.

We market 3 distinct varieties of heat seal tape:

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