Glass Cloth Tapes

The line of 3M™ Glass Cloth Tapes offers high tensile strength with a choice of silicone, acrylic, or rubber adhesives. 3M glass cloth adhesive tapes meet the needs of demanding applications in markets such as aerospace, automotive, commercial vehicle, construction, marine, and more.

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Depending on the nature and duration of the heat source, glass cloth tape delivers reliable performance in temperatures up to 550 F or higher. Able to withstand continuous exposure to temperatures above 450 F, the glass cloth tape silicone adhesive allows for high temperature resistance, while the cloth itself is very strong and resistant to abrasion. Certain flame resistant specifications can also be met.

Glass Cloth Tape Specialized Products

3M PTFE Glass Cloth Tape 5451 – backing impregnated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) to provide a non-stick surface that is reliable, even at high temperatures.

Can-Do PTFE Glass Cloth Tape – PTFE coated cloth, non-adhesive, PTFE-coated fiberglass provides high PTFE content for long release life in many demanding applications.

3M Glass Cloth Tape 361 – ideal for applications requiring high-temperature resistance, high adhesion, and clean removal.

3M Glass Cloth Tape 398FR – ideal for applications requiring high adhesion, abrasion resistance, and flame retardant properties.

3M Thermosetable Glass Cloth Tape 365 – ideal for applications requiring high adhesion for a variety of surfaces.

Please call us at 800-643-5996 to discuss your application with an experienced Can-Do customer service representative. We are happy to offer foam tape suggestions based on your end-use.

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