Vibration, Acoustic and Thermal Insulation

Anti-vibration insulation is a requirement in the automotive and aerospace sectors, rail transport, defense, offshore and construction. Can-Do National Tape offers thermo-acoustic insulation solutions for automotive, airplane or helicopter cabins, and thermal insulation solutions for very high and very low temperatures in the aerospace and medical industries.

Can-Do National Tape currently works with several vehicle manufacturers worldwide who value our extremely efficient sound absorption products. Our products offer significant improvements in sound insulation when incorporated into the fabrication of various automotive components.

Can-Do National Tape is a major supplier for automotive exteriors, interiors, and for use in automotive manufacturing/assembly. Products include acoustic and vibration damping, adhesives and tapes, converter mat mounts and insulation, fasteners, graphic films, nameplates and badging, paint protection and replacement films. We provide custom Thinsulate for vibration, noise and cushioning applications including acoustical absorption and barrier and damping.

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