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Strapping tapes are used in many different applications in various markets. Strapping tapes have reinforcements of tensilized polypropylene, polyester yarn or glass yarn filaments, with a variety of tensile strengths and adhesive types, including: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, modified synthetic rubber and clean removal.

From general strapping and bundling to applications where clean-removability is a requirement to high-temperature splicing applications, Can-Do Tape has a tape that will meet your strapping requirements.

Hook & loop fasteners consist of two components to be fastened together. The rough side is called a hook. Its softer mate is called the loop. The hooks engage into the loop and provide the closure mechanism. There are many forms and combinations of hook and loop as well as self-engaging and single-component technologies.

We market 3 distinct varieties of strapping tapes:



Filament tape has filaments (usually fiberglass) embedded into the adhesive for extra strength. Glass filaments reinforce the tape to give it high tensile strength. Filament tape is stronger than twine or glue closures. It is also an economical alternative to plastic or metal strapping and is as efficient at holding items together. Because of the filaments reinforcing the tape, it produces superior results in palletizing and bundling items for heavy loads. 

Filament tape is highly resistant to tears, scuffing, abrasion, and nicks. Bi-drectional filaments tapes are also split-resistant unlike mono-directional filament tapes.

Also called monofilament tape, another use for filament tape is in moving furniture that contains moveable parts such as plastic trays in refrigerators so that there is no damage to these parts during transit. This tape does not leave any adhesive glue marks, so the end-user of the product or appliance can simply remove the tape and use the item without having to remove adhesive residue.

Polyester reinforcing filament tape can be used in specialty applications for appliances, office furniture, vapor seals, and similar applications.


A variety of filament tape grades are available. Tensile strength grades range from 100 lb. to 600 lb. per inch of width. Different types and grades of adhesive are also available.

Sometimes filament tape is made with cotton or synthetic filaments. Filament tape backing can be made from clear plastic or brown paper with the filaments usually running lengthwise down the tape, giving it strength. Sometimes the filaments run multi-directionally through the tape.

Strapping tape is also available without filaments. It is a heavy-duty polypropylene tape with the same intended use as filament tape. Strapping tape without filaments can be stretched (some up to 35%) without breaking, yet returns to its original shape and size to hold loads securely. It has a strong rubber adhesive backing and removes cleanly from applied surfaces.

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