Marking Tapes

Marking Tapes range includes anything from self-adhesive, electrical to barricade tapes. They have become a common application in a number of locations including industrial facilities, stores, offices, and residential areas. The reason for their application is to warn individuals of a potential or existing hazard within a location.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that workplace hazards be marked to alert employees to dangers that exist at a facility or worksite. Obtaining the right color and grade for marking is important. Some businesses actually choose alternative options that are expensive with reduced effectiveness to prevent accidents. If you are seeking a reliable, low cost way to be compliant and increase safety, then our adhesive marking tapes are a great choice.

Depending on the specific workplace situation, different regulations could apply. OSHA requirements are often non-specific with regard to size, color and wording of markings. To provide uniformity among organizations and industry, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has designed color schemes and sizes for marking hazards The coding labels and tape identify the type of hazard, which helps the employee identify the level of severity. It is meant to reduce the possibility of injuries.


The following represents the color codes of both ANSI and OSHA:


Red Danger Safety cans, signs.
  Stop Emergency stop bar or button on machinery. Identification of fire equipment.
Fluorescent Orange, Orange-Red Biosafety Labels and containers for blood and infectious waste. (Warning labels must be fluorescent orange or orange-red with the biosafety symbol in a contrasting color.)
Yellow Caution Tripping, falling and striking hazards. “Flammable, Keep Fire Away” labels on cabinets. Safety cans, containers for explosives, corrosives or unstable materials.
Orange Warning Parts of machinery or energized equipment that may cut, crush or otherwise injure. Inside of transmission guards for pulleys, gears, etc.
Green Safety Location of first aid equipment. Location of safety equipment; respirators, safety showers, etc.
Blue Information Signs, bulletin boards. Specific railroad warnings against starting, using or moving equipment being repaired.
Black, White, Yellow or Combination of Black with White or Yellow Boundaries Traffic or housekeeping markings. Stairways, directions and borders.
Magenta or Purple on Yellow Radiation Caution X-ray, alpha, beta, gamma, neutron and proton radiation.

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