High Precision Laser CuttingLaser cutting is an innovative approach to die cutting that offers a high level of precision and quick turnaround when cutting materials such as foams, pressure sensitive adhesives, MDF, die board and metal.

As an alternative to tool-based die cutting, laser cutting offers many advantages.

  • Since there are no tools, production delays and tooling costs are eliminated.
  • A variety of difficult-to-cut materials can be used without the risk of damage or warping
  • The design of this system ensures a stable and constant light path for the highest level of precision in cutting and engraving.
  • The Can-Do National Tape laser cutting system can complete set up from imported digital images in a matter of minutes.

If you have a project that requires a special material, a challenging die cut, or simply need fast turnaround for a prototype, contact the experts at Can-Do National Tape to see if laser die cutting is right for your needs.



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