• Superior durability and resistant to heat, chemicals and weather
  • Supplied with or without adhesive
  • EFO has superior durability and is resistant to heat, chemicals and weather. EFO is easy to apply and ideal for water proofing, air sealing, sound proofing, and thermal insulation applications. EFO is UL 94 listed.
  • EFO can be supplied with or without adhesive and die cut or slit to custom sizes.
  • EFO “crushed” EPDM semi-closed cell foam is highly compressible foam that has typical compression deflection values of 1.0 Psi and is available in various thicknesses.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) expanded closed cell sponge is a versatile material resistant to weathering, ozone, and UV. Its closed cell structure means it is impermeable to air and water providing a waterproof seal, also thermal durability and excellent electrical insulating properties. It has excellent resistance to ketones, ordinary diluted acids, and alkalies.

EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber), a type of synthetic rubber, is an elastomer characterized by a wide range of applications. The M refers to its classification in ASTM standard D-1418; the M class includes rubbers having a saturated chain of the polymethylene type.

EPDM closed cell sponge rubber material exhibits very good aging properties, compressibility, and shows an excellent resistance to ozone and oxidation, which explains its use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

EPDM is manufactured in a wide range of parts from EPDM sponge rubber including EPDM strips and EPDM rubber gaskets. EPDM sponge rubber can be supplied in sheet from stock and cut to strip. The material can be laminated when required.

Key Features:

Closed cell structure for sealing
Very durable, good mechanical properties
Outstanding resistance to aging
Good UV resistance and wide temperature resistance
Used in cold-room doors since as an insulator.
Used to seal respirators in automotive paint spray environments, where silicone must be avoided
Does not pollute the run-off rainwater when used in roofing membranes.


EPDM sponge rubber is used in an array of industries including:

Appliance and Housing


EPDM is also used in glass-run channels, radiators, garden and appliance hose, tubing, pond liners, washers, belts, electrical insulation, vibrators, O-rings, solar panel heat collectors, and speaker cone surrounds.

EPDM is a great medium for water resistance in electrical cable-jointing, roofing membranes (since it does not pollute run-off rainwater), geomembranes, rubber mechanical goods, plastic impact modification, thermoplastic, vulcanizates, and many other applications.

The most common use is in vehicles for door seals, window seals, trunk seals, and sometimes hood seals. Other applications in cars include cooling system circuit hoses where water pumps, EGR valves, EGR coolers, thermostats, heaters, oil coolers, radiators, and degas bottles are connected with EPDM hoses. EPDM materials are as used for air tubing on turbocharged engines to connect the cold side of the charge air cooler (intercooler) to the intake manifold.

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