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SONLOK Thead Locker

Anaerobic adhesives are widely used for mechanical assembly applications that need a seal capable of holding with high shear strength. They are a popular choice for bonding metal components and for thread locking applications.

What Are Anaerobic Adhesives?

Anaerobic adhesives are one-part adhesives that remain stable at room temperature for an extended period of time and only bond when oxygen is removed from the location of the parts with the adhesive. These adhesives fill the gaps between metal components in an assembly to seal or hold components together, resisting movement and dislodging from vibration. In the absence of oxygen during the application process, the adhesive will set and cure at a specified time to yield high torque strength, ability to resist most industrial chemicals, high temperatures, and more.

SONLOK® Anaerobic Adhesives

Can-Do National Tape is proud to offer the SONLOK® line of dependable anaerobic adhesives. Sonlok anaerobic adhesives are formulated to stand up to the most demanding applications such as automotive assemblies, valve and pipe sealings, electrical appliance assemblies and more. The SONLOK line of anaerobic adhesives meet bonding challenges in many industries that require secure lock, seal, gap-fill, and bonding of all the metal fasteners and screws.

A few types of Sonlok anaerobic adhesives include:

SONLOK Retaining Compounds are specified for their ability to strongly bond and seal stainless steel shafts to other bearings. The anaerobic chemistry of these adhesives means they will provide a fast setting and high compressive strength when properly cured.

SONLOK Thread Lockers have a proven track record of securing and locking all types of ferrous and nonferrous screws and nuts. The formula, which requires a moisture-free environment, will react with the metal surface of the fasteners to form a reliable and high strength bond, resisting most automotive oils, coolants, and industrial lubricants. They can also withstand regular high-temperature exposure.

SONLOK Gasketing Compounds offer dependable sealing when applied as a flange sealant in the assembly and maintenance of automotive assemblies, pumps, generators, and more. A great alternative to conventional cork or pre-cut gaskets, these gasketing compounds can be dispensed and applied directly to any shape and size of flanges. The cured sealant offers resistance to most automotive oils, lubricants, chemicals, and high temperatures. It is also removable for equipment maintenance.

To learn more about Can-Do’s entire line of Sonlok anaerobic adhesives, see our SONLOK High Performance Anaerobic Adhesives page, or contact us to discuss your specific application.