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Seeing as the word “anaerobic” means “without air,” it’s no surprise that these adhesives need the removal of oxygen to cure. They stay in liquid form until they come in contact with metals such as iron or copper and are isolated from oxygen.

Anaerobic adhesives are useful for filling the gaps between metal components in an assembly application. Mechanical assembly applications need a seal that will hold with high shear strength, and SONLOK® anaerobic adhesives have been developed to do just that.

SONLOK® High-Performance Anaerobic Adhesives can be used in a variety of industrial and engineering applications.

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Retaining Compounds

SONLOK® Retaining Compounds are typically used for its ability to strongly bond and seal stainless steel shafts to other bearings. Because of their anaerobic chemistry, the adhesive will provide a fast setting and high compressive strength when cured properly.

Thread Lockers

SONLOK® Thread Lockers are proven to be effective for securing and locking all types of screws and nuts, both ferrous and nonferrous. In environments without moisture, the formula will react with the metal surface of the fasteners in order to provide a reliable and high strength bond, resisting most automotive oils, coolants, and industrial lubricants. Additionally, it can withstand high-temperature exposure on a regular basis.

Gasketing Compounds

SONLOK® Gasketing Compounds provide excellent sealing performance when used as a flange sealant in the assembly and maintenance of automotives, pumps, oil & gas, and generators. Replacing traditional cork or pre-cut gaskets, these gasketing compounds can be dispensed and applied directly to any shape and size of flanges. The cured sealant is able to resist most automotive oils, lubricants, chemicals, and offer high-temperature resistance. It is also easy to remove for equipment maintenance.

Thread Sealants

SONLOK® Thread Sealants are often used as a replacement for PTFE sealing tape due to their almost instant setting and excellent sealing properties. When fully set and cured, these sealants are able resist most industrial oils, hydraulic fluids, and gaseous matters while withstanding pipe pressure up to 1000 psi.

Pre-Applied Threadlocker Adhesives

SONLOK® Pre-Applied Threadlocker Adhesives are pre-applied to threaded parts to form a unique coating that converts ordinary fasteners into self-locking, self-sealing fasteners. Pre-applied threadlocker adhesives are used most successfully absent of any solvents. They perform well in extreme temperature and pressure environments, locking and sealing against air, steam, most fluids, and lubricants.

Pipe Sealant

SONLOK® Pipe Sealant uses unique anaerobic technology with Teflon® to seal a variety of pipes. Due to its Teflon®-filled technology and smooth nature, the assembly process requires less effort, eliminating excess wear and tear on equipment and installers. Depending on the product number you select, the sealant can provide an instant seal of 1,000 psi; and if the seal is cured, it will often surpass the burst rating of most pipes.

High Temperature Resistance

SONLOK® High-Temperature Resistance Adhesives are specifically formulated for applications that are continuously operating in high temperatures, even up to 340°C without degradation. They are well suited for applications with high-speed motors, transformers, boilers, engines, and transmissions.

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