Liquid Adhesives

Liquid adhesives are a great option for applications that need precise bonding. The liquid adhesives made by Parson Adhesives, Inc. deliver excellent performance in applications across a number of industries.

Parson adhesives have been used in glass bonding, sign and display assembly, wood bonding, electric assembly, flash eyelash application, and much more. Formulated for quick curing time, these adhesives provide high tensile strength, minimal visibility, and many more key benefits.

parlite glass glue adhesives
partite polyurethane adhesives
Parfix adhesives
SONLOK product line

Can-Do is Proud to Offer Parson Liquid Adhesives

Can-Do is proud to offer Parson’s advanced liquid adhesives for a diverse variety of assembly applications in industries. Parson Adhesives manufactures a broad range of liquid adhesives for industrial and engineering assembly and MRO applications. Parson produces their products exclusively in Evansville, Indiana, only shipping bulk products to India and China. While they serve customers worldwide, Parson is a 100% US-based company.

Industries That Benefit From Liquid Adhesives

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • General Assembly
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • And More

Like Can-Do, Parson Adhesives is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products possible through total quality management.

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