Liquid Adhesives

PARTITE® Adhesives for Composite Bonding

Partite liquid adhesives
The PARTITE family of adhesives for composite bonding includes a variety of options with specific characteristics to meet application needs.

The performance attributes of Parson PARTITE® adhesives make them a great option for dependable composite bonding.

Types of PARTITE Composite Bonding Adhesives

Commonly used as structural adhesives, methyl methacrylate adhesives are based on thermoset formulations that provide excellent structural properties to bond a wide range of durable substrates.

Acrylic adhesives are known for their durability and strength, making them ideal for applications that require high tensile and shear strength with shock and stress resistance.

Methacrylate and Methacrylic Adhesives 2-Part Adhesive System

Parson offers a full line of high-performance, two-parts methacrylate structural adhesives for a variety of applications. These methacrylate and methacrylic adhesives include general purpose formulas, fast curing, and marine formulas. Beneficial qualities of PARTITE methacrylate adhesives include:

  • Excellent strength
  • Impact resistance
  • Thermal shock
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Peel strength
  • Excellent adhesion to plastics and metals

Acrylic Adhesives

Acrylic adhesives are known for durability and strength. Typically they are made from esters of acrylic, methacrylic and cyanoacrylic acids. Some of the main advantages of PARTITE Acrylic Adhesives include:

  • Quick settling time; almost twice as fast as ordinary acrylic adhesives
  • Low odor
  • High tensile strength, even on difficult to bond substrates
  • Optically clear
  • Electrically insulated

Activators & Primers

  • Primer to improve adhesion of methacrylates on metal surfaces
  • Activator to increase cure speed of structural adhesives
  • Activator to increase the cure speed of structural acrylic adhesives
  • Primer for TPO, Polypropylene and tough to bond plastic surfaces

Static Mixtures & Dispensing Guns

  • Cartridges for MMA, Epoxy and PU Adhesives
  • Dispensing guns
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