Photo of 3M Polyethylene Foam Tapes
Many Uses For Polyethylene Foam

Adhesive and non-adhesive Polyethylene Foam is often your solution to packaging, joining, mounting, gasketing, and sealing irregular surfaces. Continue reading.

Construction of PSA tape
Construction of PSA Tape and How it is Applied

PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) Tape is an added value to any industry. It can bond a variety of surfaces together. It can be used in light applications like mounting a photo, or it can be used in industrial applications like replacing rivets in an automobile. Continue reading.

How to Increase Production and Save Money with a Custom Converter

Save time and money on the assembly line by outsourcing your manufacturing process with a custom tape converter. No matter what products you are trying to develop, there is a custom adhesive tape solution. Continue reading.

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