Heat for a Better Adhesive BondWhen you need a seal that cannot be achieved with pressure sensitive tape (PST), heat seal adhesive tapes (Hot Melt tapes) may be the answer. Hot melt adhesive tapes can adhere to almost any substrate and consist of a thermoplastic film that is heat activated. This film is formulated from polyurethane, nylon, polyester, polyolefin, or vinyl. Heat seal thermoplastic tapes offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to laminating, molding, and welding.

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At Can-Do National Tape, we work with two distinct varieties of heat seal tape.

•       Waterproof Seam Tapes

•       Sewfree Tapes

Waterproof Seam Tapes Keep Moisture Out

When you need to keep a sewn garment or product watertight, seam tapes covers the needle holes to keep moisture out. Waterproof seam sealing tape delivers a new level of waterproof protection. Our wide range of product provides the ideal solution for any fabric, from the most durable to the most delicate including the lightest weight waterproof shells.

Waterproof seam tapes are multilayered adhesive films and are applied to the sewn seams to prevent water from leaking through those seams. Seam tape is applied by using a hot air taping machine and is used in various applications including outwear, industrial work wear, tents, waders, footwear and military garments.


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Sewfree Tapes Reduce Weight and Stitching

Sewfree tapes are the next generation of bonding. Sewfree tape with heat seal bondi

ng is revolutionizing manufacturing across a broad spectrum of industries, transforming what we make and how we make it. It’s improving factory efficiencies while letting designers and developers rethink how they approach their work. It’s a complete ecosystem of high-performance products, processes, machinery, and services that are replacing the old cut and sew method.


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Sewfree tapes offer many benefits, including being lightweight, durable, stretchable, waterproof, and breathable. From process to production, Can-Do National Tape and sew free tape can help you go beyond the limits of cut and sew. Learn more about

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