Building a winning design team with tape

Teams That Stick to their Objectives

Before you develop a new product or make improvements to an existing one, it’s important to bring all of the teams (concept design, product designers, engineering, production) together to set some common objectives. With competing priorities among each team, streamlining common objectives will help balance priorities to ensure common objectives are met.

Concept Design Team

The role of the Concept Design Team is to make dreams come true and to meet the wants and desires of the consumer. They ask questions like, “What does the buyer want?” and “What does the consumer care about?” Outside of durability, these desires often have nothing to do with how the product is made. For example, an automotive consumer doesn’t care about the weight of the car until gas prices rise. They look for the style and features that best fit their lifestyle before considering the weight of the car and fuel economy. The final concept from this team will affect how the other teams meet their objectives. Therefore, it’s important some common objectives starts with this team. For example, if lightweight material is a common objective, the concept design team will need to be informed of new possibilities to reduce the weight of the product.

Product Design & Engineering Teams

After the concept design team has finished dreaming big, the Product Design Team takes over to begin implementing the concept design. They work alongside the Engineering Team to get the design ready for manufacturing. They also develop the specifications of the product and identifies the final cost. Throughout this process, the engineering team’s objective is to ensure that every part of the design works without failure and can withstand prolonged use. Both of these teams need to be on board with the common objective of the final product.

Manufacturing & Tape Converting Team

Once the product designers and engineering teams have completed their jobs, it is handed off to the Manufacturing Team who begins the final production. The manufacturing team handles everything from tooling, to coordinating with the supply chain, to final assembly. Their job is to ensure the final costs are within budget and the production schedule stays on track. If implementing new materials, like tape, the manufacturing team and it’s Tape Converter should be in the loop together, so they are ready to execute and finish production on time.

By bringing all of the teams together early on, you can get everyone focused on a common objective which will help ensure that the main objective is met when the product is finished. Today, designers and engineers have a lot of choices when it comes to adhesive materials. Many are lightweight, smooth, and cost efficient creating a perfect solution for cleaner and smoother lines, an increase in production, and lighter products. Can-Do National Tape’s specialists are ready and able to help you with finding the best materials, adhesives and coatings for your product and prototyping. Give us a call to see how we CAN convert your ideas into reality.