Tape Smarter Not Harder

Your time is worth a great deal of money. Working with an adhesive tape converter that is also a distributor will save you valuable time and energy. A converter and distributor, also known as a Dual-House Converter and Fabricator, is a tape distributor, supplier, converter and fabricator that provides you with a direct link to the best tape manufacturers in the world.

Stable Relationships Notice Trends Earlier

By being both a distributor and converter, Dual-House Converters and Fabricators have the ability to work directly with customers like you and spot trends, pain points, test and apply new adhesive solutions earlier than any other single operating converter or manufacturer. Having the ability to combine and apply new adhesive applications, materials, and solutions, they can assist companies in their continuous efforts to increase and maximize efficiency. These types of custom tape converters also have the knowledge and experience of delivering a custom fabricated solution that will bond, transfer, and protect surfaces to industries like automotive, aerospace, appliance, industrial, medical, electronic, packaging, and more.

Not all tape solutions are created equal because surfaces and temperatures vary greatly and will definitely effect your bonding strength and application. Dual-House Converters provide lasting relationships with adhesive specialists giving you access to bonding experts, engineers, designers and vendor representatives from all sides of the industry to give you the best price and solution for your design and/or manufacturing process. Continuing to work with a dual-house over time will also allow them a greater understanding of your overall goals and challenges.

Saving You Money and Time

When you are in need of an adhesive tape or tape application for your project, working with a tape converter that acts as a tape distributor and supplier will simplify your purchasing procedure. No more researching a solution, searching for the material and the adhesive that is needed for your particular surface and environment. A Dual-House will source everything for you. And because large amounts of material are bought directly from the manufacturer, they can often find pricing breaks that can’t be found anywhere else.

Experience will Beat the Competition Everytime

Many large tape manufacturers outsource their sales team to non-specialists. When they do that, all you get is a sales person. At Can-Do National Tape, our representatives are adhesive tape specialists provided with continuous training sessions and an understanding of all our products and varying surfaces and connections to help you find the best and most affordable solution for you!

We also have the ability to respond quickly and effectively. Our team of adhesive tape specialists and engineers work closely with our tape manufacturers, speeding up response time. Together, we offer valuable insight into your project and help you build a custom tape solution that meets your needs.

We are a full-service operation. We provide product development and prototyping, fabrication, precision custom slitting, rewind slitting, laminating, sheeting, die cutting/kiss cutting, printing, and assembly and kit packaging.

Based in Nashville, TN, we work with industries across the country and are perfectly positioned to get specialty tapes and adhesives to your manufacturing location quickly. Additionally, our adhesive tape specialists spend a lot of time visiting customers, like you, to learn more about your needs and how you operate.

If you need adhesive tape or tape converting for your project, working with a tape converter that is also a distributor will simplify the process. Give us a call to see how Can-Do National Tape will convert your ideas into reality.