Large Die-Cut Converting MachineThe custom tape converter you choose will partner with you from start to finish on your project. Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself when evaluating custom tape converters so that you get better results by finding the right converter the first time.

1.     Experience

When choosing a custom tape converter, you need experience you can trust. You should look for a team that is knowledgeable about adhesive tape products for your industry and understands your project from start to finish. Here are a few questions you should ask about their experience:

  • Do they understand your industry?
  • Are they ISO 9001-2008 certified? (Do they have a Quality Management System (ISO:9000, TS-16949, Other)
  • Do they know the best and most economical adhesive to use for your project?
  • Do they share testimonials from other customers?

2.     Capabilities

Beyond experience, you need to know that the custom tape converter you select is capable of completing your project on time and on budget. Below are several areas you should assess.

Design Capabilities

  • Can they work from your diagrams and make them ready for production?
  • Do they have engineers that will ensure your project will work the first time?
  • Can they design a project from the very beginning?
  • Does their tooling design reduce scrap? Does Their tooling design increase yield?

Material Capabilities

  • Can they work with a variety of materials, such as adhesive tape, pressure sensitive tape (PSA tape), (D/C Adhesive Tape), Foam Tapes, industrial adhesive tape, and specialty adhesives?
  • Can they work with a variety of dimensions?

Facility  & Production Capabilities

  • Are they utilizing current technologies?
  • Are they well equipped with all the equipment needed to get your project done?
  • Are their facilities adequate for receiving materials and packing and shipping the final product?
  • Do they have the equipment capacity to complete your project on time?
  • Are they adequately staffed?

3.     Quality and Consistency

You want to choose a custom tape converter who has an attention to detail and is focused on quality. These questions can help you verify their quality:

  • Do they document quality checks and procedures?
  • Do they share high quality samples from previous projects to show their track record?
  • Do they provide you with quality checks? Can they provide quality check records?

4.     Customer Service

Once you’ve started your project, you don’t want to be in the dark. From the sales representatives to the engineers and manufacturing team, you want a team that provides great customer service, is organized, transparent, and easy to communicate with. Here are some questions to ask about customer service:

  • Do they provide start to finish project management with timelines and deadline targets?
  • Do they communicate with clients from initial quote through delivery?
  • Do they respond in a timely manner to questions and concerns?
  • Do they consult you to solve issues as they arise?

5.     Competitive Pricing

Prices often vary between custom tape converters and the best converter for your job may not have the lowest price. While price is important to your budget, you must also consider the other 4 criteria when making your decision. To make sure their pricing is competitive, ask:

  • Do they understand realistic pricing standards for your industry?
  • Are they able to purchase materials in bulk, saving you money?
  • Are they mindful of your budget when solving problems?
  • Did they propose the most economical adhesive for your project?
  • Do they use economical shipping methods and timelines?
Checklist for selecting a Converter

A Checklist for Selecting a Tape Converter Download Here to help you find your next Converter
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