Scotch® ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 976

Welcome to Scotch ATG Transfer Tapes for a fast, versatile and convenient tape application.

3M Scotch ATG Adhesive Transfer Tapes are the perfect solution for assembly operations ranging from electronics, appliance to printing. Quickly and easily, you will be able to bond, join, mount, or laminate materials such as paper, plastics, metal, foam and more. This tape application provides you the ability to apply a precise strip of adhesive at the same time as the liner rewinds into the applicator. You will have no mess and no cleanup work. 3M’s acrylic adhesive used with their ATG Transfer Tapes bonds on contact and is formulated with a choice of properties such as high temperature resistance, differential tack, adhesion to low surface energy plastic and more.

ATG Transfer Tape with a High Tack and Excellent Adhesion to most plastics:

3M Scotch 976 and 3M Scotch 969 ATG Transfer tape is designed with 3M 300 High Tack Acrylic Adhesive and is often used to assemble P.O.P displays, bond trim strips to furniture and/or luggage, bond labels to plastic toys, and attach gaskets or foams. Other tapes that are equivalent would be 3M 927 and 3M 950.

ATG Transfer Tape with a High Performing Acrylic:

3M Scotch 926 is a high performing ATG Transfer Tape and has excellent temperature and solvent resistance. This ATG Transfer Tape is designed with 3M 350 High Performance Acrylic and is great to bond fabric or trim to window blinds, splice aluminum coils, bond foam insulation, and  mount nameplates on award plaques. Other tapes that are equivalent would be 3M F9485PC

General Purpose ATG Transfer Tape:

3M Scotch 970XL, 3M Scotch 924 and 3M Scotch 987 is designed using 3M 400 General Purpose Adhesive for a general application that has an excellent adhesion to most paper stocks. This application is often used to seal pocket in folders, bond mat board in picture frames, splice paper, films and foils, and for general purpose bindery attaching. Other tapes that are equivalent would be 3M 920XL, 3M 465, and 3M 9498.

Repositionable ATG Transfer Tape:

3M Scotch 928 is a perfect solution if you need a differential tack and repositionable tape. It is made with 3M 400/1000 Repositionable Adhesive and is often used to attach credit cards in mailers, core start/end tab paper, films and foils, and to temporary attach labels. Other tapes that are equivalent would be 3M 9416.

Note: Additional Scotch ATG products are available as part of the X-Series.

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