Specialty Film Tapes

Films tapes are made with BOPP/Polyester/PVC/LDPE/PTFE film coated with single and double side adhesive layer according to application. Specialty film tapes features include good insulation properties, water and chemical resistance, longer life, and good strength.


  • Polyester tapes with single side adhesive coating are used as insulation in electronics and electrical industries.
  • Special adhesive coated polyester tapes are used as holding tapes in all electronic appliances.
  • PTFE-Teflon coated with silicon adhesive can be used for non stick application in all printing and lamination industries.

Specialty Film Tapes:

  • Polyester Film Tapes – are dimensionally stable and flexible and do not break or tear easily.
  • Kapton Polyimide Film Tapes – are transparent, high temperature resistant, and leave minimal residue.
  • Splicing Tapes – are manufactured to the application with different adhesives, temperature characteristics, and carriers.
  • Lithographers Tape – is static free and opaque to ultra violet light.
  • Office Tape: Clear Film – composed of clear film with a high grade acrylic adhesive.
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