Sheeting Services for flexible materials

Sheeting is a process of converting a flexible material into flat, individual pieces that are stacked or bundled rather than stored or dispensed in roll form. In production, material is first slit to a custom width and is then cut and sheeted to the desired length, allowing the customer to specify custom dimensions. The sheeting tolerance of 1/8″ saves time and improves consistency. If you are currently cutting your material in house, or by hand, letting Can-Do perform your sheeting conversion service will improve efficiency, accuracy, consistency, and will free up valuable employee time, allowing them to spend time on more productive tasks.

Materials that have the capacity to sheet:

  • Foam
  • Felt
  • Hook and Loop fasteners
  • Foils
  • Thin gauge plastics

Machines used for Slitting:

Can-Do National Tape has two sheeting machines, each with a specialized production capacity, in production:

  • One suited for material widths of 12 inches down to 1 inch wide
  • One suited for wide width materials up to 120 inches (10 feet) wide
Sheeting Multi-Laminated Foam Tape

Industries best served by Slitting Adhesive Tapes:

Can-Do Tape supplies many component parts for automotive, appliance and other industrial manufacturers. These parts generally have adhesive on at least one side and are then used in assembly of the end product. Many of our production processes for component parts entail several steps, which may include sheeting to length.


Success Story 1: Die-Cutting Application

Can-Do supplies a Tier 1 automotive supplier with die-cut foam parts that are used for sound dampening in their product. We purchase jumbo rolls of foam that are produced to tight tolerance thickness. We receive these rolls in long-length form (54 inches wide). We then laminate this foam with an adhesive that has been tested, approved, and specified by the automotive manufacturer. We then slit the laminated foam to a width that allows the material to be run through a rotary die-cutter and add the paper liner to the back.  These rolls then go through a sheeting process to cut the foam parts to the specified length and produce the final product: custom die cut foam parts, perfectly suited for the automotive manufacturer’s application.

~ Multi-step Production of Component Parts for Automotive Supplier


Success Story 2: Die-Cutting Application

Another customer required a product facilitating the movement of heavy liquids in flexible containers. Our salesperson designed the product around a heavy-duty duct tape, used for its high tack and durable nature. The duct tape was slit to the appropriate width and then laminated with a reinforcing material. The laminated rolls of duct tape are then sheeted to length while being die-cut to an exacting size. The customer now sells this product to other companies that use it for hoisting liquids in flexible containers.

~ Hoisting Solutions


Can-Do National Tape is ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.

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