Can-Do Tape delivers proven, innovative solutions that help prevent and treat critical and chronic conditions across the Healthcare continuum.

As health care delivery becomes more complex, choosing the right product and using it effectively is a key component of successful patient outcomes and cost containment.

Can-Do Tape offers Medical Tapes that are designed with performance qualities so you can provide better patient care. We work with hypoallergenic and latex free medical materials for:

  • Fragile skin
  • General securement of tubing and devices
  • Moist skin conditions
  • Surgical dressings and drapes
  • Pressure dressings
  • Securement of critical tubing
  • Disposable tape strips
  • Transdermal/wound care
  • Device gasketing
  • Protective films
medical tape
Breathable, hypoallergenic medical tape with silicone adhesive.