Increase production on assembly line

Increase Your Manufacturing Production while Saving Money

  1. Save time and money
  2. Advantages of outsourcing
  3. What to look for in a converter
  4. The Can-Do Difference

Save time and money on the assembly line

Save time and money on the assembly line by outsourcing your manufacturing process with a custom tape converter. No matter what products you are trying to develop, there is a custom adhesive tape solution from a converter that can provide materials on time and in quantities needed for your production. Specialty adhesives and tapes can combine raw or semi-finished materials to fabricate finished adhesive and non-adhesive parts that are used during the manufacturing of finished goods. Custom tapes can be used with a variety of materials including cloths, foams, plastics, rubbers, polyesters, adhesives, silicones, metals, and more.

Additionally, by partnering with a dual-house tape converter, you can rely on their knowledge of materials and technical expertise to save you time and money. A dual-house converter can assist with in-house design, rapid prototyping, testing, mass production, and cost control. They are able to assist your engineers and manufacturers in a constant effort to maximize efficiency.


Advantages of Outsourcing to a Custom Converter

  • Convert products for manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, industrial, electrical, medical, and more
  • Full support from design to delivery
  • Work with experienced design team and engineers to ensure your custom tape solution works the first time
  • Increase productivity during design and development with a coordinated planning
  • Minimize manufacturing time by having your custom tape solution manufactured while your facilities prepare for application
  • Increase yield and reduce cost through expert planning that reduces scrap
  • Minimize your capital investments with a converter that uses the latest technology


What to Look for in a Dual-House Converter

  • Experience: Do they have the experience and knowledge about creating custom adhesive tape products for your industry?
  • Capabilities: Do they have the design, material, facility, and production capabilities to complete your project?
  • Quality and Consistency: Do they have a proven track record of delivering quality products?
  • Customer Service: Do they respond in a timely manner and resolve issues as they arise?
  • Competitive Pricing: Do they think in terms of value or price?


For more on what to look for, read our post “5 Questions Everyone Should Ask When Looking for a Custom Tape Converter


The Can-Do Difference

We have a team of engineers that are able to make your designs ready for production and ensure that your project will work the first time. We utilize tooling design to reduce scrap, increase yield, and achieve your design goals. Additionally, our equipment gives you access to custom tape solutions with no capital costs passed onto you and allows us to provide you with the dimensions you need.

Can-Do National Tape is the global leader in the Dual-House Tape Converting industry and is ISO certified. Our sales force and management has over 100 years of combined experience and continues to work with a variety of innovative materials. The company’s converting expertise includes capabilities for a wide variety of pressure sensitive adhesives, non-adhesives, and heat activated thermoplastics. Can-Do’s resources are worldwide, but are as close as your door. We believe customer service and technical expertise are fundamental in establishing healthy long-term business relationships.  Give us a call to see how Can-Do National Tape can convert your ideas into reality.