Construction of PSA tape

PSA Tape Layers and Best Applications

  1. Single sided tape construction
  2. Double sided tape construction
  3. Transfer tape construction
  4. How Foam tapes are constructed

PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) Tape is an added value to any industry. It can bond a variety of surfaces together. It can be used in light applications like mounting a photo, or it can be used in industrial applications like replacing rivets in an automobile. The formula of the tape, from its backing to its adhesive, determines what it can be used for. But before you decide on a backing or type of adhesive, let’s look at the construction of the common types of pressure-sensitive tapes. Understanding these layers can help you determine the best solution for your application.

Single-Sided Tape

Single-sided tape starts with the backing, which can be a variety of web-based materials, such as film, paper, foil, fabrics, or foam. The top of the backing usually receives a release coating to make it easier to unwind. The bottom of the backing is coated with a primer to ensure bonding of the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer.

Single-sided tapes are used in medical applications for bandages, HVAC applications, tent patching, surface protection and more.

Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape utilizes the same backing materials as single-sided tape. The backing is coated on both sides with primer and then pressure-sensitive adhesive. Different adhesives can be used on each side. It is topped with a removable release liner of silicone-coated paper or film material to prevent the adhesive from sticking to itself.

Double-sided tapes are used for photo and sign mounting, product assembly, and more.

Transfer Tape

A transfer tape, or unsupported tape, has no backing or primer. This specialty product is simply a release liner coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Transfer tapes can be converted into other adhesive products or used to bond to two items together.

Foam Tapes

Foam serves as the backing for foam tape. It can be single or double coated. Typically the foam is coated with an adhesive on one or both sides with the top layer receiving the release liner.

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