Reduced weight with custom adhesive materialsWhen it comes to new automobiles, there is a delicate balance between design and engineering. The design team needs to deliver a vehicle that is appealing to the consumer and the engineering team needs to deliver a vehicle that is lightweight, fuel-efficient, and safe. By introducing tapes and adhesives to the mix, designers and engineers can both achieve their objectives.

As automotive manufacturers seek to make vehicles lighter, they have created a range of automobile bodies using traditional and non-traditional materials. The future points to automobile bodies being a mix of dissimilar materials, including aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber reinforced polymer. For this to work manufacturers need new methods of joining these dissimilar materials together.

Companies like Sika Automotive AG are creating solutions that not only bond different kinds of materials, but also have benefits like increasing crash resistance when compared to spot welding. This leads to a lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicle, and more importantly, a safer vehicle.

At Can-Do National Tape, we provide a number of lightweighting solutions that are widely being used in the automotive industry today.

  • Bonding & Joining Applications: We offer bonding and joining solutions for interior trim, exterior components, body trim molding, name plates, and accessories.
  • Acoustic & Thermal Management: Isolate temperature sensitive areas such as starters, floor boards, firewalls, and fuel lines utilizing fabricated and die-cut heat shields.
  • Sound & Vibration Dampening: Mitigate sound and vibration with a variety of materials.
  • Rattle & Squeak: We have products that will eliminate unwanted noises and reduce premature wear.
  • Upholstery Materials: We have several bonding options including heat seal and spray adhesives.
  • Protective Masking: Temporary protection that can be used during the many phases of production.
  • Harness Wrap: We offer a variety of materials for wire harness and cable wrapping.

Our experienced team and equipment bring solutions to your problems. With over 100 years of combined experience with adhesive tape, non-adhesive products, product development, and manufacturer engineering, we’re able to assist in designing products that exceed your expectations.

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