Sewfree tape image 8The world is being taped together and it’s awesome! As a result, the global market for adhesive tapes and film is expected to grow. This growth will be driven by product customization, production flexibility, and rising demand from the paper packaging and automotive markets. As adhesive bonding advances, it will continue to replace other joining products.

One of the latest advancements is biodegradable pressure sensitive tapes which are a great alternative to petroleum based tapes. These eco-friendly tapes are more in demand due to environmental regulations and consumer demand for earth friendly products.

Let’s take a look at how tapes and adhesive films are being used in 2017.

1. Packaging Industry

With the rise of online shopping, the packaging industry is growing with demand for cartons and corrugated boxes. Commodity pressure sensitive packaging tapes are a perfect solution to brand your shipments. Need something more? Consider a custom made adhesive and tape.

2. Apparel Industry

Have you seen the latest in tape technology walking down the fashion runways? OK, so you probably didn’t see it, but it’s there! By combining fabrics and adhesives, apparel manufactures are able to strengthen the materials to reduce wear and still keep the apparel comfortable.

  • Polyester Double Coated tapes can hold delicate materials together during the assembly process all without leaving any stickiness behind or compromising the quality of the product.
  • Stay tapes can be used to reinforce fabrics to protect designs like eyelets, throats, and straps. A stay tape consists of non-woven fibers spun and bonded together. It is more rigid and can be sown on. A heat seal tape may also be used.
  • Seam tapes provide extra protection and maintain a product’s integrity. Seam tapes are also used in waterproofing outerwear.
  • Seam reinforcement tapes are great when you need extra reinforcement.

3. Appliance Industry

How do you get a refrigerator through manufacturing and to your customer’s doorstep without a scratch? Protective masking to the rescue! Designed to survive scratches, heat, cold, and discoloration, these films conform tightly to a variety of surfaces. Once it’s safe to remove the protective wrap, either on the assembly line or in the customer’s home, just rip it off for a clean, residue free look. It’s an affordable “insurance” plan so you know your customers are getting the 5 star product they purchased.

4. Aerospace Industry

The next time you board an airplane, you may or may not want to think about all the tape that was used to manufacture it. Hold down tapes, consisting of polyester films with silicone adhesives or nylon films with temperature-resistant rubber adhesive, are used to forge composite sheets into fuselages or wings. These hold down tapes are able to withstand heat and pressure.

Specialty industrial tapes are also used to create moisture barriers and provide high temperature masking. Additionally aircraft manufactures use protective tape during part transportation and painting and stripping tape to add the final touches to the exterior of the aircraft.

5. Automotive Industry

Who doesn’t want to pay less at the gas pump? Carmakers are constantly looking for ways to improve gas mileage of their new vehicles by reducing the vehicle’s weight. In addition to consumers saving money at the pump, lighter weight vehicles are great for the environment. So how is tape lightening the load?

Specialty automotive tapes are used everywhere from protective films over the instrument panels, electrical insulation, device insulation, masking of wires and more. As the automotive industry continues to create lighter designs, specialty industrial tapes will continue to play a key role.

Whether you see it or not, tape is changing the game in these industries. So what can tape do for your product? Give us a call to see how Can-Do National Tape will convert your ideas into reality. When your engineering team finds themselves in a sticky situation, tape may be the answer.

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