Replace Stitching with Hot Melt Adhesive FilmsReplace Stitching with Advanced Hot Melt Adhesive Films

Thermoplastics and Hot Melt Adhesive Films are revolutionizing a wide variety of industries that use fabric. Adhesives films like Sewfree and the world of Thermoplastics are allowing manufacturers to ditch the needle and thread and add details and function that are not possible with sewing. Thermoplastic Adhesive Films allow products to be lighter and have a lower profile. They are also more comfortable, more durable, and more fashionable, giving your product a competitive edge.

Some advantages to thermoplastic solutions include:

Improved Appearance

Hot Melt procedures replace elastics and bulky sewn seams in performance wear, intimate wear, and wearables. Hot Melt Film allows for optimum stretch and recovery while maintaining the sleek, smooth profile of a bonded seam or hem.


Sewfree seams are up to 6% lighter than traditional threaded seams.  When wet, Sewfree seams will absorb 50-60% less of its original weight. So no matter it’s application, you have a lighter weight product.


Sewfree has been put to the test. Both lab testing and field-testing show that Sewfree seams are just as strong, or even stronger, than sewn seams. In fact, during lab testing, fabrics would give before Sewfree seams.


Sewfree seams are up to 40% less restrictive then threaded seams. More flexibility means more options for designers and a better consumer experience.


Sewn seams require seam-sealing tape in order to be waterproof. With a heat sealed bond, Sewfree tapes are water resistant and allow you to skip the stitching all together.


Keep your customers comfortable with Bemis’s Flowfree Tapes. Designed with athletes in mind, Bemis offers a range of breathable adhesive films from basic breathable adhesives to naturally breathable with good stretch and recovery.

Environmentally Friendly

Protecting the planet is important to Bemis at every level. They have worked hard to eliminate harmful substances from the manufacturing process without sacrificing quality and function.

Sewfree Tapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including: wide width rolls, slit width rolls and sheets. Most Sewfree Tapes can be die cut to fit your patterns.

So you’ve decided to go Sewfree, but how do you apply it in manufacturing? Sewfree Tapes can be applied with a heat press, lamination belts, tacking iron, or hot air machines. Our team is able to guide you from start to finish to ensure you have what you need for manufacturing.

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Our experienced team and equipment bring solutions to your problems. With over 100 years of combined experience with adhesive tape, non-adhesive products, product development, and manufacturer engineering, we’re able to assist in designing products that exceed your expectations.

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