Get your productivity back with an Adhesive Tape Specialist!

When your project needs a tape specialist, make Can-Do National Tape your go-to team.

With over 20 years of experience in adhesive tape converting and distributing, Can-Do’s adhesive tape consultants will work from your diagrams to ensure your project is done correctly the first time. Don’t have a design yet? Our experts can design your project from the beginning, which allows us to buy in bulk and design tooling to reduce scrap and your costs. Best of all, we will always offer you an adhesive and flexible material that best fits your budget and needs.

Can-Do’s knowledgeable staff works with a variety of materials and adhesives to give our customers adhesive products and tape dimensions that are highly customized. We specialize in custom tapes in a broad spectrum of applications and markets, including industrial, automotive, aerospace, electrical, building and construction, surface protection, splicing and laminating, and much more.

We Convert Your Ideas into Reality.

Call us at 1-800-643-5996 to speak with an Adhesive Tape Consultant and start building your customized tape converting solution today.



Laminating Machine and Adhesive Tape Specialist

Laminating Machine used for Custom Designed Adhesive Materials



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