Manufacturing operations that produce trailers and trailer components will need to meet growing demand while coping with global supply chain issues as they continue to create challenges. According to reports, “the uncertainty of pricing and availability of raw materials and finished steel and aluminum products needed for trailer production.“

Adhesive tapes and materials are providing a better, and more readily available alternative to traditional fastening methods in many manufacturing and assembly applications, including trailers. Adhesive tapes have also proven effective for other trailer manufacturing applications, offering many advantageous characteristics.

Our free guide to exploring How Trailer Manufacturing Benefits from Adhesive Tapes and Materials will show you how trailer manufacturing is benefiting from adhesives.

In this guide, we will examine examples of trailer manufacturing applications that benefit from adhesive tapes and materials:

  • Sidewall Panel Attachment
  • Roof and Rail Leak Sealing
  • Conspicuity Tape for Rail Cars
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