Liquid Adhesives

PARLITE® UV Curable Adhesives

parlite glass glue adhesives
Parson offers a comprehensive line of UV and visible light curing adhesives and glass glue suitable for a wide variety of bonding, encapsulating, coating, tacking and sealing applications.

UV curable adhesives and light curing adhesives, also known as UV adhesives, are single component compounds intended for precision bonding.

They are widely used in the manufacturing of glassware, optical devices, and medical equipment. Industries that need transparency and stability in their bonding find great success with this type of adhesive.

UV Curable Adhesives Advantages

There are many beneficial attributes of PARLITE UV curable adhesives including:

  • Quick curing time
  • High transparency, making it ideal for glass bonding applications
  • Available in specially designed bottles for precision application needs
  • Long shelf life at room temperature
  • Strong bonds on glass, metal, plastics, acrylics, and ceramics
  • Excellent gap-filling properties

Types of UV Curable Adhesives

Clear, high strength and excellent adhesion to glass, metals and a wide variety of medical plastics make UV curable adhesives ideal for a host of applications. UV/Visible cure adhesives and glass glue are used for a wide range of optical applications such as doublet bonding, lens, prism, optic mounting, eyeglass lens laminating, fiber optic butt bonding, bundling and splicing.

These adhesives also benefit disposable medical devices such as syringe, respiratory masks, tube sets, catheters, reservoirs, oxygenators, medical testing equipment, optical assembly, and more.

Glass Bonding Adhesives

  • High viscosity, high strength glass to metal bonder
  • Low viscosity, wicking type, low bubble formation with excellent flow
  • Ideal for decorative or structural glass bonding
  • Ideal for bonding glass bevels – good flexibility and clarity
  • Excellent high-strength adhesion to wide variety of plastics, glass and metal surfaces
  • UV, heat or activator curable adhesive. Ideally suitable for deep cure or where light cannot penetrate

UV Adhesives for Plastic Bonding

  • Plastic window bonding
  • Appliance and plastic assembly
  • Plastics lamination, plastic housing assembly
  • Aerospace/automotive assembly
  • Clamshell packaging, blister packing

UV Curable Adhesives for Optical Assembly

  • Multi-cure, UV/ Heat activator, suitable where light will not reach
  • Multipurpose optical adhesive
  • Low out-gassing for alignment stability, excellent strength

UV Resin Adhesives

For windshield repair:

  • Low viscosity, wicking grade that penetrates to fill small hairline cracks
  • Low viscosity resin used for Star, bull’s eye repair as well as small hairline cracks
  • Medium viscosity used for long crack, star and bull’s eye repair
  • High viscosity resin, ideally designed as pit filler

UV Adhesives for Medical Devices

  • Specifically designed for bonding hypodermic needles into hubs, excellent adhesion to thermoplastic and steel
  • Suitable for intravenous tube sets, oxygenators, reservoirs, diagnostics electronics, etc. – excellent adhesion to polycarbonates and rigid PVC
  • Suitable for face masks, tube sets & fittings, breathing circuits, resuscitator bags, etc
  • Specifically designed for breathing circuits, butterfly sets and masks, low viscosity with excellent adhesion to plasticized PVC and metals

UV Glue and UV Adhesive for Electronic Assembly

  • High viscosity encapsulant for precision application to specific electronic assembly areas, glob top application
  • Specifically designed for potting – bonds with slight adhesion: for connectors, thermal switches, tamper-proofing
  • Tough, glossy conformal coating with excellent adhesion to wide variety of boards and masks – fast cure
  • Potting, Encapsulating, bonding of electronic parts
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