Surface Energy and Successful Bonding

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The adhesive selected to bond to substrates must be appropriate for the surface energies involved. Surface energy, which ranges from high to low, describes the surface characteristics of a given substrate. The molecular force of attraction between unlike materials determines their adhesion. The strength of this attraction depends on the surface energy of the substrates…. Read more »

Bonding Dissimilar Surfaces With PSA Tapes

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Pressure sensitive tapes offer a host of benefits in the development of products and assemblies. They cost less than mechanical fasteners, are easier to apply, and typically don’t require specialized tools during application. Bonding surfaces can also occur at different times and locations. Perhaps the most important advantage of using adhesive tapes and materials is… Read more »

Surface Preparation to Ensure a Successful Bond

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No matter how robust your adhesive is, or how well-suited it is to your application, a poorly prepared surface will negate the strongest adhesive.  To ensure a strong bond, surface preparation is the key to success. The Standard In the majority of situations, a good scrub with a 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and… Read more »

What is Surface Energy, and Why is it Important in Bonding?

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When considering adhesives, bonding surface is a critical factor. Unlike processes that alter and join surfaces, such as welding, bonding with adhesives involves attaching two surfaces, without changing their individual characteristics. That being the case, the adhesive selected must be appropriate for the surfaces involved in the application. Surface energy is a term used to… Read more »